Miroslava Majerikova

Job Role: Waitress
Restaurant / Area: Buckhurst Hill
Length of time at Prezzo: 4 years and 4 months
Favourite Dish: Wild Mushroom Girasole
Fact number 1: Helpful and polite
Fact number 2: I like creative things like photography, ice skating and tennis

"I've worked in several different restaurants during my career at Prezzo, all around the East London and Essex area. I started in Prezzo Woodford Green, from there I moved to South Woodford and then to Buckhurst hill where I still work today.

One of the favourite parts of my jobs is getting the restaurant ready for service, communicating with my team mates about what needs to be done before the shift starts whilst having a coffee to start the day right.  Then it's time to get changed into my uniform.  I'll then set up the restaurant, making sure we have enough Grana Padano, sauces and clean cutlery, as well as preparing the restaurant to open by cleaning the floors, setting the tables and laying out the glassware. Once the doors open, i'm busy looking after my tables in the restaurant and making sure the guests have everything that they need.  After lunchtime service, its time to re-set the restaurant to be ready for the next shift.  Then after a long day it's time to wind down.  I really enjoy speaking to all my guests during my shift, making sure that they are having a delicious meal and a good time at Prezzo."