We at PGH offer an exciting employee value proposition. Learning and development sits at the heart of this. We want to develop PGH role models! Individuals that show passion, optimism, generosity, confidence and those that are welcoming to customers and team members alike.  We operate the 70/20/10 model which means we encourage learning at all times: through your working experience, through others and through our range of classroom lead or e-learning options.  

Whether you are a Leader seeking your next career enhancing Leadership development session or a Waitress wanting to know what exceptional looks like- we have exactly what you need in order to help you grow and evolve…To become a true hero!

Our offerings

Regardless of your role you will be inducted via highly engaging, fun and addictive video based learning. You may even, one day have the opportunity to star in one yourself! The videos feature our very own team members from all parts of the business. You will be taken through our vision, brand and exciting workplace. Showing you the world of possibilities that are available to you


We provide support for all parts of the employee life cycle, which begins with your insightful and fun filled induction and onboarding. We want to create experts- so we ensure from a compliance perspective you have everything you need in order to manage your environment & people.  This is delivered via catchy e-learning or classroom lead sessions focused on our systems, menus and processes. We bespoke our learning, so it is appropriate to our learners.

For functional support- we offer an exciting menu of Leadership & soft skills development, from how to have presence using your body language, to how to lead change and become a more self aware Leader. If you are Leader in Restaurants we inspire and equip you will all the tools you and techniques you need via an action packed 3 day development program. This focuses on Leadership, Managing your Business and Managing your resource.

We welcome you to complete our Apprenticeship programmes which range from Hospitality Team Member Level 2 to Hospitality Manager Level 4. The Apprenticeship programme is funded by us and the training is work- based, with 1 face to face visit per month. Prezzo are forever looking to new concepts and skills for our Managers to be the best that they can be so they revolutionise!

Our Chefs

Our Chefs are our catalysts in ensuring the food we serve is winning hearts, stomachs and minds! Outside of your action packed video based induction, we offer exciting e-learning on how to manage and run the most efficient kitchens. Whether that is compliance or development related we ensure you have what it takes to be the best Chef.

We give each Team Member an option to complete our Hospitality Team Member Level 2 Apprenticeship programme, the training is work based with face to face visits to suit your needs. If this leaves you hungry for more. The Senior Chef Production Level 3 may be an option for you and we also fund this.

Waiting Staff

Outside of your induction and onboarding via our engaging video learning, we provide you with all the tools and techniques to set you up for success.

We have a range of interactive e-learning in restaurant training which focuses on service, standards, how to sell and manage customer feedback.

We give each Team Member an option to complete our Hospitality Team Member Level 2 Apprenticeship programme, the training is work based with face to face visits to suit your needs and is fully funded.

We believe in you and will continue to invest in you and your development. Enjoy your journey with us and happy learning