How to make the most of Valentine's day when you are single.

It's almost Valentine's Day and everyone in love is preparing for that perfect date night to spend with their meaningful other. For others, however, the idea of being single on Valentine's Day may not be so easy. If you are single on Valentine's Day, you don't have to hide in the shadow of others. To help our single friend get the most out of the celebration, we have put together some practical do's and don'ts ideas for the holidays.


Here are 4 ways to help you have the most loving, fulfilling Valentine's Day.

1. Take the opportunity to pamper yourself

Choose to make Valentine's Day less about romantic love and more about self – love. Treat yourself to a SPA, bath, prosecco in pyjamas or even go to your best Italian restaurant on your own or with a friend. Whatever you decide, your goal here is to provide a fun and exciting alternative to the usual Valentine's Day routine bringing new people together and making memorable moments to remember.  

2. Gather the girls and celebrate friendship

 Alright, we all now how complicated sisterhood friendship can be but, studies have confirmed that girls enjoy their conversation with their female piers far more than with their partners. So, why not grab your ladies and celebrate friendship with a delicious takeaway and a movie marathon to show just how great and crazy life can be.

3. Know exactly how you want to feel.  

Don't let yourself be distracted by destructive thoughts about your ex’s actions. Valentine's Day can also be a Day to recognize your feelings, even if we are not in love at the moment. It is important to reflect on how the love of the past has made you a better person so, when that special one comes along you are ready to share your love in a healthy positive way.

4. Make a toast to you

So, while being recognized for your accomplishments will give you a great boost, it carries the risk of being highly dependent on others. By learning to celebrate and recognize your own achievements (however big or small), you'll progress and grow much more than you expect.

Love Prezzo xx