Pass it round, pass it down, pass it on

The Bright's have their Italian Gathering with Prezzo

We've been serving delicious Pasta, Pizza and Vino since 2000.
Lots has changed in that time, but the things that really matter haven't; family, friends and good company are still what's important.

That's the proper stuff. Proper conversations. Proper food.
This Mediterranean spirit is at the heart of Prezzo.
We call this an Italian Gathering.


This summer, we are celebrating family heritage and really getting to know your nearest and dearest. Not in the same way you know your favourite celebs, but knowing what really matters – from first memories and first loves, to values and opinions on important matters. We have partnered with the Bright family to explore just how important family time is. Check out our video below to find out more....


Next time you're dining with your family, friends or colleagues, why not take the opportunity to test what you really know about each other and find out what you don't. Like the Bright family finding out how Mum and Dad met. For inspiration, check out our top topics questionnaire in your local #Prezzo.

Eat well, laugh lots, it's an #italiangathering