We love pay day, and we love prosecco. FACT!
Just in case you haven't already got involved, here's a little background to our favourite celebration....

In January 2017, Prezzo decided it was time to really celebrate pay days by gathering your friends, family and colleagues for some fun and bubbles at your favourite local Italian restaurant, so we created the hugely successful Prezzo Prosecco Pay Day. Over a year later, the celebrations are stronger than ever, so keep an eye out for your next event either here or on our Facebook to make sure you don't miss out!

So celebrate this pay day in style with 50% off all glasses and bottles of prosecco when you buy a main. If you want a little tip from us, try our lobster & crab ravioli – it pairs perfectly with a bubbling glass of prosecco!

This month's Prosecco Pay Day will be available from Thursday 29th August to Sunday 1st September.

Salute! x