Covid-Secure Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about what we’re doing in our restaurants, please read the FAQs below

Q: What are you doing to help keep our guests safe?

A: We’re doing as much as we possibly can. In line with Government guidelines, we’ve carried out a site-specific Risk Assessment in all of our restaurants and have made the following changes:

Our tables have been moved to ensure the appropriate social distancing is in place between guests, unfortunately, this does mean we’re not able to move our tables around to accommodate bigger groups.  If you’d like to dine as a bigger group (and we’d love you to!), then please book your table and well make sure your table is ready and waiting.

We’ve put new signage and floor stickers in every restaurant to remind everyone about social distancing

We’ve put ‘one way systems’ in place where we can, and there are clearly marked waiting areas for those waiting to take their food away

Hand sanitiser is freely available in all restaurants for all of our customers

Q: How many people are allowed to eat together on one table in England?

A: From January 5th 2021, England will be entering a national lockdown. All of our restaurants will be closed for dine in. Many of our restaurants will still be open for takeaway and delivery. Click here to what restaurants are open for dine@home.

Q: Will your restaurants be open in Scotland?

A: In line with the new rules affecting parts of Scotland, our restaurants will remain closed. We’re very proud to be a covid-secure venue so get your table booked for when we re-open. One of our customers recently said they felt ‘safe, welcome and happy’ when they dined with us. We’re sure you will too.

Q: Will your restaurants be open in Wales?

A: In line with the new government guidelines, our restaurant in Newport will be open for takeaway and delivery. Click here to see what restaurants are open for dine@home.

The rest of our restaurants in Wales will remain closed. 

Q: Can I split my larger group over two tables next to each other?

A: Unfortunately, not. The guidelines state that we must encourage social distancing wherever possible so tables sitting next to each other wouldn’t be able to talk or interact.

Q: What if I've already made a booking for more than 6 people?

A: 8 people can eat together, provided they’re all from the same household (or household plus support bubble of a one adult household).  The new guidelines state that if you’re from different households, you cannot dine together indoors. You can book a table in one of our gardens or terraces, the rule of 6 applies. The link to the Government website explaining this is here.

The restaurant will be calling you to discuss any changes that need to be made to your booking. If all of you are from the same household, and your booking is for less than 8 people, nothing will need to change. Our priority is always to keep our customers and teams safe and healthy, so we will need to discuss with you making changes to some bookings already made if they fall outside new Government rules.

Q: Do I have to give my details for Test & Trace?

A: Yes, you do. We have always actively supported the NHS Test & Trace system but up until now it has been optional for customers to provide their information. It is now a legal requirement for us to collect contact information from every party who visits Prezzo. If you’ve made a booking online – we will already have your details but if not, the host will ask you for the contact details for one member of the party when you arrive. If you’re not happy to provide these contact details then sadly, we won’t be able to seat you.

Q: I have a voucher from a parner which is due to expire, can you extend it?

A: Our partner Buyagift are offering extensions on vouchers, please visit

Our partner Red Letter Days are offering extension on vouchers, please visit

Tesco will be contacting holders of Tesco Tokens directly about their vouchers. Please wait for their email.

We are in discussions with our other partners to understand if they will be extending vouchers too. Please contact them directly if you require an extension. We will also update this page when we get further information.

Q: My physical gift card has expired

A: If you have a physical gift card these we will have to be extended. please contact us two weeks prior to visiting and provide us with your 16 digit physical gift card number in this format XXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX

Please contact our Guest Relations team to have your physical card extended.

Q: Will your teams be wearing masks?

A: Yes. Unless they’re medically exempt, all staff will be wearing face masks. This is in addition to all the other covid-secure measures we have in place across all our restaurants.

Q: Do I need to wear a face mask?

A: We’ll ask you to wear a face mask when walking around our restaurant, unless you’re exempt of course. You’ll notice our team are wearing masks or visors too. You can remove your face covering when sat at your table (to enjoy the pasta, pizza, vino!) but we do ask you to pop it on when visiting the toilet, or when moving around the restaurant.

Q: How will you ensure we won't get the virus from other guests?

A: Sadly, there are no guarantees in life, but we have introduced a host of different measures to reduce the risk of virus transfer.  Some of these measures are listed below:

Our tables are not set before you arrive.  The tables may look a little bare (forgive us) but our team will bring you cutlery and glasses when you order.

We’ve up-ed our game when it comes to cleaning. We’re cleaning more often throughout the day and, as you would expect, frequent touch points (door handles, tables etc) and toilets are our top priority.

We thoroughly clean every table and chair between customers so you can be confident your table is clean enough to eat your dinner off!

Our menus are now single-use (removing the risk of cross-contamination) or you can keep yourself-to-yourself completely and order online from your seat.  Simple instructions are on every table.

We’re no longer accepting cash. We’re asking you to pay by card, and payment machines are fully sanitised between every use.

Q: Can I get COVID 19 from food?

A: There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the virus can be transmitted through food.  Plus, we’re doing everything we can to reduce the risk of virus transmission, through increased cleaning and hygiene protocols.

Q: How do you make sure Prezzo staff don't have COVID 19?

A: We’re using daily health trackers for all of our team members.  These must be completed every day, before they leave home.  Our teams also have been provided with details of what they need to do if they’re experiencing symptoms themselves or have come into contact with someone with COVID19.

Our team members are fully supported if they need to self-isolate and they have access to the latest health information and guidance via our internal app.

Q: Why aren't staff wearing gloves?

A: The science tells us that hand washing and rigorous sanitation is much more effective than wearing gloves.  Hand washing with warm water and soap breaks down the protective fatty layer of the virus and destroys it. Our teams also have constant access to hand sanitiser.

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