We hope you and yours are staying safe and well.

These are unsettling times but we’ll get through it together.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been focused on looking after our people. Our ‘one team’ spirit is one of the key ingredients of Prezzo and our restaurant teams can’t wait to welcome you back as soon as we’re given the nod. We’re so proud of them.

We’ve also been working hard to answer some of your questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

I’ve seen someone in your restaurant even though it’s closed, why is this?

  • To ensure our restaurants remain safe and secure, our Area Managers will be visiting each restaurant at least once a fortnight. If however you are concerned about someone being at the restaurant who shouldn’t, please contact Andrew Snowden, our Head of Risk at


  • We are extending all live eGift cards due to expire this year until Jan 31st, 2021. If you have a physical gift card these we will also be extended - please contact us 2 weeks prior to visiting for more information about to have your physical card extended.


  • If you’re part of our mailing list you may have been unable to use the last voucher, due to temporary closure. However, we will ensure there’s a fantastic offer available to welcome you back. If you would like to receive the latest news and exclusive offers, then sign up here.

  • With all our restaurants currently closed our Guest Relations team are now unavailable until our restaurants reopen. If you had an existing complimentary voucher, that is due to expire during the closure period, please contact us 2 weeks prior to visiting and we will extend these.


  • If you have a physical gift card these we will also be extended - please contact us 2 weeks prior to visiting for more information about how to have your physical card extended.

I have a voucher from a partner which is due to expire, can you extend it?

  • Our partner Buyagift are offering extensions on vouchers, please visit

  • Our partner Red Letter Days are offering extension on vouchers, please visit

  • Tesco will be contacting holders of Tesco Tokens directly about their vouchers. Please wait for this email.

  • We are in discussions with our other partners to understand if they will be extending vouchers too. Please contact them directly if you require an extension.  We will also update this page when we get further information.

  • With all our restaurants currently closed we have a number of our Support Centre/Head Office team on the Government furlough scheme.  We are still monitoring customer queries and will get back to you in due course.  However, for existing complimentary vouchers that expire in the closure period please contact us 2 weeks prior to visiting and we will extend these.

How do I contact your guest relations team?

  • With all our restaurants currently closed our Guest Relations team are now unavailable until our restaurants reopen. Your feedback really does matter to us and any emails or queries sent to the team before we closed will be looked into once we reopen.

I can’t use my Birthday offer; can you extend it?

  • We love a good party, and everyone should be able to celebrate their Birthday. Once we re-open, we’ll be sending a special email to the those who’ve had to delay their celebrations. We’ll make sure you get the treat you deserve!

How are you supporting restaurant teams?

  • We have placed most of our team on furlough and have therefore been able to retain the vast majority of our extraordinary team members.  It’s been an incredibly difficult time for all, we’re so grateful for our team’s professionalism and for the amazing support from our loyal customers.  We’ll be in constant contact with our teams through our internal app to ensure we can stay well connected.

    We look forward to welcoming you back, stronger than ever.

When will you be back open?

  • We look forward to welcoming you back to Prezzo when we’re told it’s safe for us to do so. We will only re-open our restaurants when it’s the right thing to do for our teams and our customers. We will keep in contact through our social and digital channels to make sure you’re the first to know when the ovens are back on.

Do you support the NHS?

  • We have always been proud to support the emergency services through our relationship with Blue Light Card. If you work for the NHS, social care, armed forces or the emergency services, whilst our restaurants are currently closed you can still access great deals at other retailers helping your money go a little further.

    Please visit

What are you doing about food supplies?

  • When we temporarily closed our restaurants, our leftover food either went to our team members, or was donated locally enabling us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the communities we’re in.

Why are you not offering delivery and takeaway?

  • Our main priority is our customers’ and our teams’ health and safety. We felt closing completely was the right thing to do, to support the NHS and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Will your Mother’s Day menu and special be made available again?

  • We know many of you will have been disappointed not to have been able to enjoy Mother’s Day with us.  We had to close for the greater good, however when we’re back, we’ll be reviewing what we can do to ensure Mums get the special day they deserve.

I want to make a booking; how can I do this?

  • We’re currently not taking bookings. Once we have a clear idea on when we will re-open we’ll open up bookings and notify our customers.

There’s an issue in your restaurant, who should I contact?

  • If you spot something that doesn’t look quite right please message our Andrew Snowden, our Head of Risk at so we can look into it a little further.

I’ve been ringing your restaurant, but can’t get through, how can I contact you?

Whilst our restaurants are closed we won’t have anyone operating the restaurant phone lines. To help get your questions answered as soon as possible, please contact us.

Your restaurants lights are on, I thought you were closed?

  • Some of our external signage, especially our Pasta, Pizza, Vino lights will remain on however if you spot any lights on inside the restaurants please let us know so we can get these switched off.

Get In touch

If you have further questions, please get in touch with a member of the team by clicking here.