Pasta. Pizza. Vino.

Our Children's Menu

3 courses and a drink

Kid's Menu - 3 courses and a drink £6.75  Classic dishes made for little people (5–11yrs)

Tot's Menu - 3 courses and a drink £3.95 For smaller tummies (up to 5yrs)


Some of our restaurants have different items, so in order to avoid any disappointment, please select a restaurant so that we can give you the most accurate menu information possible.

Take a Fresh Look...

We've refreshed our menu and added a few fresh twists to our dishes.

We're passionate about fresh, Italian flavours and have taken a fresh look at our classic and new dishes.

Whether you want to take your time to sip, snack and socialise or you just want pizza, pasta, pronto, we serve up flavour every time.

Fresh Season, Fresh Menu, Fresh Flavours.