Pasta. Pizza. Vino.


Prezzo Launch National Fizz & Friends Day

There’s only one thing that makes this season truly magical: TOGETHERNESS!

We launched a nationwide survey to look into what modern friendships are like and how the dynamic has changed over the generations, and the thing that struck us most about our findings is that we do not see our true best friends nearly enough! Nearly 40% wish they had more regular catch ups with their real friends, while 31% admit they physically pine after their best chum if they haven’t seen her in a while.

This has inspired us to create Fizz and Friends day on 8th December - we want to encourage everyone to use this as an excuse to get a date in the diary to catch up with your friends. Whether you come to Prezzo for a glass of Prosecco or you pop round for an espresso, just make sure you get some quality face to face time.

Plus, you can add some extra fizz the occasional with 25% off prosecco for Fizz and Friends Day and through the festive season.

Love, Prezzo