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Search for ‘Prezzo’ on the app store and download it for free. You’ll be able to find your nearest Prezzo, book a table, discover our latest offer and receive update notifications directly to your phone. Use Pay by App to settle up, it's super easy.

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Free wifi for all...

Enjoy free wi-fi at all of our restaurants, including garden and terrace dining areas. Show off your foodie pictures via social media or just browse the web.

Get online in 3 simple steps;

> Search for 'Prezzo Guest Wifi' & connect.

> Open an internet browser & register.

> Surf away.

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Pre-authorisation is a temporary reservation of funds against a person's available credit /debit card balance. Prezzo's mobile payment technology provider MyCheck uses a £25 pre-authorisation as an additional security check on any card and cardholder in order to protect Prezzo and its patrons against any fraudulent activity. The pre-authorisation does not take any money from your account but hold these available funds in your bank account until such time that the approved transaction is processed. At which time the balance of the pre-authorisation value and your bill will be settled and charged to your account accordingly. The pre-authorisation funds in your bank, credit card or Paypal account will typically be held for 1-5 days on debit cards, maybe longer on credit cards and may vary between issuers.